Ombri Fine Arts

 ~  Established in 1985 ~

Exclusive U.S. and International agent and publisher of collections of limited-edition bronze and acrylic sculpture by Italian artist Angelo Basso.

Offering a collection of Objects of Art in limited-edition bronzes with Murano glass by Gilbert Kruft and Gabriella and Giovanna Venturi.

Specializes in original watercolors, oil and acrylic painting by leading European realist artists.



News Bulletin:

It is with great sorrow that I announce the loss of artist Angelo Basso.  Angelo passed away on August 31, 2011 in Rimini, Italy, after a long illness.

I have received the sad news from his son, Roberto, and his daughter, Angela, who have assured me that their father received the comfort, constant care and love of his family and friends.

Angelo has lived his life with simplicity, nobility and grace and with an utmost respect for his fellow human beings.  The elegant, graceful sculptures, which he has created with great love, reflect his noble and gentle spirit. 

Angelo had a unique ability of endearing himself to all who had the opportunity to know him.  So many of you have acquired and enjoyed over the years his sculptures and I know that this news will sadden you.

His son Roberto has related to me words Angelo said to him in recent months and I would like to transmit them to you:

"I had always sought to create the perfect, most beautiful work of art, the ultimate creation to be remembered by.  But then I realized that, what I was seeking to accomplish, I had already done. Your sister Angela and you, Roberto, are my most beautiful works of art".

I feel privileged that I had the possibility for over two decades to work with Angelo and to share thoughts with him.  The memories will always remain with me andI will continue to represent Angelo Basso's work with pride.

Susanne Shoa - Ombri Fine Arts